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All parents and administrators want to make sure their children and staff are being taught by responsible adults. On this page we have the opportunity to introduce our staff.

Cheryl J. Modjoros-Elman is President & CEO of Crafts on Wheels. She has a BS degree in Elementary and Special Education from Syracuse University, although her first major was Fine Arts. She designed gold teeth in dental labs for 5 years and taught Special Ed in South Florida for 5 years.

In addition, Cheryl has 14 years experience in Manhattan managing Sales & Marketing Departments, Employee Training and Motivation, Administration and General & Informational Operations.

The Original Ceramics on Wheels Inc answered her dreams in 1998 by blending her experience and interests: Art, Teaching, Marketing and Business (and playing on this computer!) Her sister, Phyllis Robbins began the company and Cheryl joined her shortly after. She found herself thinking about painting PlasterCraft and creating Marketing materials instead of focusing on assessing companies' software needs to customize computer accounting programs for them.

100 Years of Flight was born in 2001 when Cheryl met Larry at the local Office Depot. (See, it's possible to meet him shopping!) After 8 years, (and 7 hurricanes in 16 months) Cheryl & Larry Elman decided to look at the possibilities of the Triangle area of North Carolina. First day out, they fell in love with their house and made an offer the next morning. We closed in January 2006 and straddled Florida and NC (It took 6 months and about 65 hours on the phone to get a new roof and another 4 months to sell it.)

We love it here! We decided to create Crafts on Wheels Inc which described the various craft lines we had expanded to over the years. When out of the office, you may find Cheryl riding her horse, Neon or traveling with her husband in their RV, or painting PlasterCraft for her relaxation.


Colonel H. Larry Elman is the VP of our 100 Years of Flight Division. Larry is a retired Air Force Colonel who graduated from MIT as an aeronautical engineer, has a Master's Degree from University of Oklahoma and a partial doctorate from RPI.

He worked on many of the aircraft he discusses both in industry and the Air Force where he served as a Missile Officer, was assigned to the first Space Training Unit and later to the Pentagon. In addition, Larry has written extensively on aviation history and served as a consultant to several aviation museums. With the decline in aviation in the early 90's, he re-tooled and taught Computer Technology in colleges.

How did he go from the Pentagon to Ceramics on Wheels? When he met Cheryl in 2001, she found his stories of aviation and history to be fascinating and knew immediately he needed to share them with others. She said "let me find you audiences!"

Whether Larry is speaking to adults or to children, his empahsis is that history is made up of people and their lives and delivers it with humor.....Living History!

100 Years of Flight programs are enjoyed by all ages...from 3 years of age to seniors. But Larry's favorite is getting the opportunity to speak with adults where he finds the level of discussion stimulating.



Additional Staff

Currently we have several part-time staff members we would love to acknowledge:

Available positions:

  1. Looking for an opportunity to make additional income with residual commissions? We need some motivated marketing and sales reps, either part-time or full-time. Please contact us or email your resume to
  2. Are you a teacher, a stay-at-home mom, or retired? As Crafts on Wheels grows, we have additional need for part-time staff members to facilitate a party, event or class. Please contact us or email your resume to The Activity Company that comes to you! Crafts on Wheels Inc (252) 432-2205